Through the Looking Glass

1 Transportation Ave, Hyannis, MA 02601
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Through the Looking Glass encourages passers-by to stop, reflect and interact with the lenses and frames – to see a view from a different perspective. The projections of color and line from the lenses move with the sun, changing the experience throughout the day. The drawings explore our relationship between industry and nature, and remind us that both have created this space. Transportation wheels from trains and boats are framed with nautilus shells – all marvels of technology and nature. The turtle and birds are witness to these two worlds, with the turtle symbolizing creation and longevity within the Native American culture. Artist Statement The design for Through the Looking Glass is inspired by the many lenses we use to view the world around us: lunettes, telescopes, port holes. These tools for viewing enhance our view and color it. Travel also influences how we see the world. These lenses are positioned to frame both history and a path towards new adventure: the Cape Cod Railroad, a vibrant part of the history of Cape Cod and Hyannis, and abstract views of sky and distant harbor. Travelers arrive and anticipate new adventures, inspired by the words of Hans Cristian Andersen, with drawings from both nature and industry illustrating this threshold. MORE INFO