About ARTS Barnstable

The Town of Barnstable recognizes arts and culture as key economic drivers that contribute to the vibrancy of the area and provide an important backdrop and enriching experiences year round for residents and visitors. Each of the seven villages features art, culture and historic gems, all with seaside charm.

Two of the villages, Hyannis and Barnstable Village have state designated cultural districts. The Hyannis HyArts Cultural District, the first state designated cultural district on Cape Cod and Barnstable Village focus the town and community partners on the common goals to attract artists, cultural and creative enterprises; encourage business and job retention and creation; further establish the district as a tourist destination; preserve and reuse historic buildings; enhance property values; and foster local cultural development.

A strong creative economy provides the opportunity to capitalize upon regional dollars with an area unified and transformed into a distinct arts destination. The Town of Barnstable has a long-established commitment to making arts and culture an important facet of the towns economic development strategy as the Arts are often undervalued for the contribution they play in a stable, well educated, vibrant community and assist to encourage new business, job growth and tourism.

Knitting together the arts and cultural assets among all seven towns remains a top priority within the towns economic development agenda.