Public Art

Discover creative works in well-traveled and unexpected places throughout our seven villages. Smile and Share! We encourage you to engage and interact with by sharing your thoughts on the artwork you view and photos with us @artsbarnstable

Sea-of-Color Mural

Sea of Color

51 Ocean Street, Hyannis
Cape Cod Collaborative participants, 2022
Wood, paint

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Birthday Lights

725 West Main St, Hyannis
Michael Magyar, 2014


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Buoyed Coasts

Aselton Park, Ocean Street, Hyannis
Kate Kennan, 2006
Lobster buoys, steel poles

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Chief Iyannough

Main Street, Hyannis
David Lewis

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Dress Up Downtown

Main Street, Hyannis
Multiple Artists, 2017

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Hyannis Youth and Community Center
Students of Carl Lopes (BHS), 2011

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725 West Main St, Hyannis
Donald Gerola, 2008


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John F. Kennedy

Main Street, Hyannis
David Lewis

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Zion Union Heritage Museum, Hyannis
Michael Alfano, 2008

Local Snapshot Mural

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Local Snapshot, Community Mural

Aselton Park Stage, Ocean Street, Hyannis
Kate Deciccio, 2014
Spray paint, Plywood

botanial painting of Cape Cod native plants as a mural on a brick building

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Native Plants

Hibbel Building, Main Street,Hyannis
Anastaci Pacella, 2021
Paint on Panel

Oversized contreet Oyster shell sculpture pieces

Oyster Shells

Greeter Island, Ocean Street, Hyannis
Cris Reverdy, 2016
Concrete, Cement, Mortar, Mesh

Piece by Piece,
Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority Bus Terminal, Center Street, Hyannis,
Cape Cod Can Members, Mixed Media,

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Piece by Piece

CCRTA Terminal, Hyannis
CapeCodCAN! Members, 2014
Mixed Media



Aselton Park, Hyannis
Mary-Ann Agresti, 2019
Powder coated stainless steel

students gatheres around the handpainted sailboard they created - painted image of mermaid and seal

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Sturgis Charter Public High School Art Annex, Hyannis
Sturgis Art Students, Class of 2016

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529 Main Street Hyannis
Leo Sewill, 2011
Recycled objects of metal

Sea Captains Row

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Sea Captains’ Row

Pleasant St, Hyannis
Mary-Ann Agresti + Jackie Reeves, 2016

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Sea Saw

Gateway Marina, Pleasant Street Park
Mary-Ann Agresti, 2019
Mahogny plywood, marine paint, aluminum base

WEBSECTIONS_Public Art_Sundial

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Sun Compass

Harbor Overlook, Hyannis
Thomas Eugene Huettner, 2019
Recycled Aluminum Flagpole,
Bluestone and Granite

Tales of Sea by Jackie Reeves

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Tales of the Sea

Bismore Park Artist Shanties, Hyannis
Jackie Reeves, 2016
Aluminum panels, water based exterior paint

glass and metal sculpture of interlocking cirlces in yello and blue

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Through the Looking Glass

CCRTA Terminal
Mary-Ann Agresti, 2017
Steel, Polycarbonate Panels

Tides HyArts Campus, South Street, Hyannis Stephen Kemp,
 2015, Clay,

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HyArts Campus, South Street, Hyannis
Stephen Kemp, 2015

WEBSECTIONS_Public Art_Turn Tern Turn

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Turn, Tern, Turn

Aselton Park, Hyannis
Eric M. Kaiser, 2019
Stainless Steel

Vernan Coleman Murals

Vernon Coleman Murals

School Administration building, Hyannis
Pope John Paul High School Library and Cafeteria
Tax Collectors office, Main Town Hall
Centerville Public Library
Barnstable Town Hall

WEBSECTIONS_Public Art_Victura


Barnstable Municipal Airport, Hyannis
CapeCodCAN! members
Mixed Media

Cobb Memorial Garden

Barnstable High School
Astro Park
Water Feature, Murals

Through the Lens, Then and Now

Bismore Park Artist Shanties, Hyannis
Marie Grady Palcic, 2016