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This Sundial or “Sun Compass” is a geographically specific marker denoting direction and time for 41.6516 North Latitude and -70.2814 West Longitude. The Sun Compass is a combination of a compass rose and sundial. Similar devices were used by early wayfinders before magnetic compasses in Europe. Vikings used sun compasses to travel in the open ocean away from land. The sculpture-patio can be seen from afar or from within. You can experience the path of the Sun as the Gnomon’s (stylus) shadow shows the movement of the earth in time as you stay in one place. “TIME IS DEEP AND SPACE IS VAST” (-Unknown) About the Artist Thomas Eugene Huettner (b 1956): Thom is intrigued by the markers which hold and guide human exploration. Whether scanning the cosmos by telescope as a child, scuba diving on a wreck during college or recovering from cancer as a young man, he has sought out those insights of living which inform and excite the mind. As a designer, artist, mechanical engineer and licensed builder, Thom has sought to interpret the world around him and the worlds within himself. Thom resides in Dennis Port.