Willa Zelinski

Willa is a self taught artist. As a teenager, she quickly established herself as a hyper-realistic pet portrait artist working in colored pencil as well as pastels.
For a creative outlet, she started painting portraits and landscapes which have been described as “abstract realism”. While being inspired by something as simple or small as a screenshot or a magazine ad, her paintings are uniquely her own creations. Some are ‘portraits’ but not really portraits. Others are ‘landscapes’ but not really…
Initially starting with acrylic on canvas, she branched out into oil on canvas. At one point, when she lacked a canvas, she picked a piece of exotic hardwood from the bin of kindling for the woodstove and painted a scene on it. This led to her wildly popular “block paintings”. These pieces range from landscapes to abstract explorations of color.
Her technique uses extraordinary brush strokes that, viewed up close, look like organized chaos. While working on one painting in her studio, her father heard a lot of “scratching” noises. When he viewed the painting the following day he asked what she used to paint it. She answered, “razor blades”.
During the Covid pandemic, Willa has had two successful virtual art shows via Zoom.