Tracy Bowman

I am a Cape Cod native who was creating traditional art until I discovered acrylic pouring. I loved it and had to learn the process, so I taught myself.
This painting process is so random, invigorating and exciting to me. I love that each piece is special in its own way. Then I took acrylic pouring to a new level. My specialized technique involves choosing a color palette, and then by mixing acrylic colors and medium with the use of a cell activator onto a prepared canvas or other surface, I manipulate the paint. Then I either spin, swipe or blow the paint to create a wonderful display of shapes, colors and textures.
I have found a great way to use acrylic pour methods to create my own unique style with a unique energy. Now I am taking my painting to the next level and creating paint poured jewelry too. I really enjoy this process. With each piece having its own unique style I can’t help but fall in love with it. I’m offering a few different types of earrings, pendants, and bracelets each with its own personality and style.
You can see my work online, and watch me create on YouTube, or my Facebook page, Bowman 4 Art, but to really experience the energy and see the explosion of colors that comes from my work, you must see the originals. My paintings of bright flowers and sunny beach days bring warmth to any space. My work brings happiness and energy to the viewer.

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And you must check out my clothing line too.