Tiffany Novak

I am a resident of Eastham, MA and a small business owner. Hollow Horseshoe Crab was founded in 2020 and was publicly launched in the summer of 2023. HHC manufactures 16-inch injection molded horseshoe crab models that are sold as completed horseshoe crab art, as part of an art kit with acrylic paint, brushes, and a pallet, and individually as undecorated models.

My family grew up spending summers on Cape Cod and were mesmerized by the horseshoe crabs meandering along the tidal flats in the early summer. To small children, they appeared scary at first sight, but they also seemed to be gentle creatures that never pinched like the many other crabs found beneath our bare feet. The horseshoe crab was a symbol of serenity as we watched them crawl on the sandy surface almost floating along in the gentle waves. In the early 2000’s we became aware that these special prehistoric creatures were being threatened on many fronts. They became a symbol for our family as we transitioned from our typical hectic and challenging professional lives in Connecticut to our new life on the Cape. Several members of our family are artists. One fall, prior to our move, I discovered a perfectly molted shell on the beach. I bleached and boiled it and sprayed many layers of white paint on it. The model was boxed up and given to my daughter as a gift. It was her favorite gift of the year. She made a striking Zentangle design on it. It became a logical connection for me to create an art model kit that combined the mystical embodiment of the horseshoe crab with our love of art. For me, that looked like Hollow Horseshoe Crab.

The next time I found a perfect horseshoe crab carapace, I had it 3D scanned and spent a year modifying the design to create a stylized model that could be used by artists to decorate. Next, I had an injection mold created. From that mold, I manufacture quality, solid white, 16-inch ABS plastic models. The models are made in Connecticut, along with the packaging.

This life sized model provides me, personally, with a perfect “Cape Cod” canvas to have fun expressing my artistic ideas and celebrating nature’s evolutionary design. Many decorated versions of the models are available for purchase. I use acrylic, oil, cold wax, and mixed medium. Popular themes include whales, fish, beach scenery, ‘funky’ patterns, expressions of PRIDE, whimsical creations, and holiday models, just to name a few. Patrons looking for a more refined piece of art can purchase models that have been painted with oil and cold wax using brushes and palette knives, decorated with paper and other materials adhered with matte medium, and can place custom commission orders for a personalized piece of art.

A portion of all art box sales goes to the conservation of the species.
Please see for a peek at creative design ideas, examples of models for purchase, and more information about the plight of this prehistoric creature.