Ted Skirvan

Ted skirvan has been an artist on Cape Cod since the early 1990s. His work has been featured in Cape Cod Life Magazine and numerous publications throughout the us. Ted's work has been sold all over the country. in addition to being an artist, Ted also works as an art teacher at Barnstable High School where he teaches Fine Arts and Digital Photography. His inspiration has always as been as he quotes, "The Ocean and Human Emotion." Ted is drawn to the beauty of Cape Cod and the people that make this peninsula special. Ted created his art and design company; Beach Point Designs in 2014. The name is in reference to the very tip of sandy Neck that has been an inspiration to numerous paintings. Beach Point Designs was started to incorporate all of Ted's art commissions, design work, and his LOCAL Cape Cod business. LOCAL is a sticker company that has sold thousands of stickers in the shape of Cape Cod. Ted works in all mediums but finds himself working mainly in acrylics and oils. Ted has a studio in West Barnstable, a stone's throw from sandy Neck beach Ted's artwork and LOCAL stickers can be found in shops throughout the Cape, and in his Etsy store.