Sarah J. Thornington

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me walking on a beach somewhere, creating something, beach combing, {or beach clean-upping}, texting my beautiful Clemson going daughter, planning my next journey, or laughing about something with my hubby, all the while generally just finding wonder in the world. Usually my hair's a mess and my pockets are filled with plastic I've been picking up for my @AYearofPlastic project.
I love celebrating families, and commemorating the every day love you share through portraits. Spending an hour or so just being with your family, laughing, being in the moment, could quite possibly be the perfect summer evening.... What do you love to do together? What brings you joy? What do you most want to remember about your family today?
I am passionate about saving our planet and all of it's many creatures, as well as empowering women and spreading happiness. We donate a portion of our session fees each year, in the past few years we've supported: APPC, NRDC, Ocean Conservancy to support their Trash Free Seas initiative, Center for Coastal Studies and The Sea turtle Rescue initiative at Mass Audobon's Wellfleet Bay.