Sarah Conrad-Ferm

I have been an artist since I was a little girl, at the feet of my father who was also an artist. Literally on the floor with his colored pencils when they got too small for his hands.
I have a BFA in painting from the Cooper Union which I am still proud of even though it was long ago.
I moved to Cape Cod just a year ago from the Hudson Valley in New York. I convinced my family to move to the Cape after our first vacation here three summers ago. I fell head over heels for the beauty of the beaches, the flats, the tide pools, the little towns, the old houses and fishing piers.
I felt certain I could move here and paint Cape Cod landscapes and scenes, be a Cape artist and never run out of inspiration. So far so good.
My paintings are acrylic on canvas and all made using my own photographs as reference.
I think a lot about memories, capturing moments in time and the emotions those moments hold when I create a painting. There is so much beauty here and I long to hold onto the beauty I find a little longer. Painting lets me spend more time with these moments and the paintings become a way for other people to spend time with the beauty I found too. I hope they remind you of the beauty you’ve found and experienced yourself and that they let you hold onto it longer and visit it often.