Samuel Ayer

One of a kind artistic creations of acrylic paintings on: canvases, jewelry, Christmas Ornaments (Oyster Shells) "Made with LOVE" on Cape Cod by Samuel.

Samuel has lived half of his life on Cape Cod, calling South Dennis home. The Cape is a magical place combining the illumination of sunlight and the calming beauty of the ocean. This creates the perfect setting for relaxation, reflection and growth. He is fortunate in that he can say that he has lived half of his life on Cape. I truly love the full gourmet experience of eating raw fresh oysters. Presented in their own natural shell with a wedge of fresh lemon, cocktail sauce, horseradish and a splash of tabasco sauce. Throughout the summer season I frequent several restaurants, including the Naked Oyster in Hyannis which embodies the farm-to-table concept. They serve their oysters grown locally in Barnstable Harbor. The process of creating art from a natural shell takes, from start to finish, on average 3-4 weeks.