Peter DiFranco

Peter's "Windows in Time" are old antiqued windows and mirrors which frame his original woodcuts, paintings, etchings and photographs. Photos are printed on a variety of media including canvas, metal and more.

Windows in Time
As an artist and photographer, I draw my inspiration from the world around me. In particular, my " Windows in Time" collection showcases my love for old, worn windows that have stood the test of time. By using antiqued mirrors to balance my work, I add an ever-changing element that reflects the beauty of the world. This collection frames canvas prints, original oil paintings, woodcuts, etchings,photographs and Giclee, prints, which are all available for purchase.

As a multidisciplinary artist, I take pride in working with many different mediums. However, I always find myself circling back to my first love: photography. There's something special about capturing the perfect moment and freezing it in time. My inspiration is drawn from the world around me, and I love traveling with my camera, always ready to pull off the side of the road for 'the shot.' These photographs are a collection of my favorite landscapes and nautical images, each one of them holding unique stories and memories.