Paula Fedele

My journey as an artist-craftsman began in 1996 with glass beads and precious stones. I took a few classes and created beaded jewelry. After a couple years and several shows, I discovered that everyone was doing the same thing. I was inspired to create something unique.

After incorporating sea glass into my beading business, it quickly became apparent to me that sea glass was my future passion.

My travels now always involve spending several hours at the beach. California, Mexico, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Maarten, New England and my own Cape Cod home beaches are now my shopping grounds.

The "sea glass room" in my house looks much like a candy shop ... jars and jars of sea glass. Each piece is inspected and sorted by size, perfection and color. Each finished piece is created by hand ... mine ... and you can be sure that I've put my heart and soul into each and every single item.

Each piece of sea glass is a natural, genuine piece ... I do not use any manufactured sea glass in any of my pieces. I'd love to see you at an upcoming show or sea glass festival.