Pamela DeYoung

Pam DeYoung has always felt theorem painting is a little known artform, She has always believed her future patrons need to know as much as they can about the art and the artist is secondary. She says of her work, β€œIf I get lucky enough that they purchase a theorem they will get to know me and how I relate to the theorems I paint”

About Theorem painting: It is an early American art form that was started in the 1800s. There were finishing schools during that period that were teaching 12-13-year-old daughters of well to do families all the amenities of homemaking.

The young ladies wanted to paint a picture but were limited in their ability.

During the 1800s stencils were being used however they were one layered stencils that had spaces & bridges between the components and identified it as a stencil. They liked the concept of a stencil but didn’t want it to look like a stencil and so they created a series of layered stencils for that perfect design.

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