Nettie Berkeley

“About Nettie”

Nettie Berkeley is a mixed media artist and instructor living on beautiful Cape Cod. She has been an artist all her life and finds inspiration in the beauty among the seashore, sand dunes, and the natural surroundings of New England. Nettie’s artwork is not limited to painting in watercolor, acrylic & oils; she also works with clay and porcelain, uses natural materials & found objects to create jewelry & other artful oddities.

A native of Oregon, Nettie has always had a passion for the mountains and the sea coast. Her fascination to explore new techniques is evolving and ever-present.

“I believe in channeling my creative urges in order to produce unique artwork. Inspiration for my work comes from natural surroundings, personal emotions, and daily life. Art is how I process the world. My hope is that it inspires and evokes an uplifting or serene feeling for the viewer." - Nettie Berkeley

Nettie Berkeley works out of her Art Studio at “The 204” in Harwich, Ma & is the Co-Founder of the Teen Artists Coalition of Cape Cod. “TAC” is a creative, “Cool, Unique & Edgy” art enrichment program offering workshops to teenagers across Cape Cod & the Islands.

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