Miriam Voros

Miriam Voros is a Cape Cod based abstract artist and graphic designer who focuses on painting with ocean water from Cape Cod. She always felt a deep connection to nature and even though she grew up surrounded by mountains near the Alps in Germany the Cape Cod beaches stole her heart. Miriam's creativity is endless and after mainly working as a graphic designer for more than a decade she recently decided to turn her lifelong hobby as an artist into her focus and business called MV ARTISTRI.

Miriam’s journey has been her education; feeling confident in her work, learning from her mistakes as a self-taught artist, and discovering new techniques. The value of her struggle is the final composition of her artwork. Abstract painting with fluid acrylics has become Miriam’s passion, and she wants to continue to inspire others through her work and life.

Collecting ocean water from her client’s favorite beaches not only adds authenticity to her paintings, but gives her clients a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of Cape Cod to display on their walls. She doesn’t use brushes but harnesses gravity to spin, push and tilt her paint on the canvas.

Miriam’s art is displayed on many different surfaces, from canvases to wooden boards, coasters, key chains and jewelry and she looks forward to experimenting with even more surfaces. Her artworks are nationally and internationally collected and have been sold across the US and overseas in Italy, Austria, and Germany.