Mira Crosby

Mira Crosby is the designer behind the local brand Mira Wear. After completing her BA degree in Fashion in Bulgaria and further education in Italy, she comes to Cape Cod five years ago and falls in love with the area.. Her summer collection is consisting of the most breathable linen material, decorated with authentic symbols, by hand. Nautically inspired embroidery of a compass, oceans, sea maps, corals and more are the focus of Mira Wear in 2021. Linen tees in different pastel or vibrant contrast colors that bring you joy when you see them and extreme comfort and freedom when you wear them. In addition, small items and accessories such as sailor-like scarves and small purses, handmade of linen and natural materials will be available to complement the style. Other unique features in the tees are the slits in the sleeves providing freedom of movement, as well as, functional pockets, but in weird shapes and cuts. Easy and ready to wear shirts, beach dresses and accessories are made ethically on Cape Cod. The goal is to make people happy by creating something that corresponds with them on an emotional level, like art is supposed to be!

My goal is to provide home grown, ethical clothing pieces inspired by the authenticity of Cape Cod and the Islands, because I remember how fascinated I was when I first came here 5 years ago!