Michelle Constantine

My name is Michelle Constantine (previously Wiarda). I'm an artist and a photographer. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, the north shore area.
I began developing my artistic skills at an early age. I drew and painted images of horses, seascapes, landscapes and flowers. Nature intrigued me then, as it does now.

I earned my degree from Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, where I studied commercial art, as well as painting, drawing and photography. I was fortunate to live in such an inspiring, lovely coastal area. It’s a real artist's paradise.
I've been painting for many years, during that time I've developed my style of watercolor from which I have created a multitude of seascape, landscape and architectural images.
I live on Cape Cod, and I am always attracted to the amazing vistas, historic homes, and abundant wildlife that have become my subjects for both watercolor paintings and photographs.
I lived in Delray Beach, Florida and found so much beauty in its island-like character. Delray has everything from colorful beach cottages to stunning flora. I was inspired to capture their natural beauty in watercolor.
I have made a living as a graphic designer, artist, and photographer. I spend many hours shooting landscape photographs and photos for painting reference, I love painting the subjects in nature I am attracted to.
My original watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, prints and fine art photographs can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the world.
I spend my days in my studio working with my medium and learning new methods and practices every day.
My watercolor paintings, cards, fine art prints, magnets, bookmarks and more, are my way of sharing the beauty I experience with you.