Michele Eldridge

I have lived and worked on Cape Cod since 1978. I grew up loving the ocean here. Now I have the opportunity to create
beautiful art work with shells from the shores of Cape Cod. Each shell, whether it be an oyster, sea clam, scallop or quahog is individually created by me. It’s a 2-3 day process between cleaning, boiling, bleaching, painting , decoupaging and finally gold leafing them. The shells can add a coastal accent to any decor. Whether it’s a trinket dish, a bottle or vase accent. I also design napkin rings using scallops or oysters.For Christmas, I hand paint Santa and angel ornaments. I also create coastal themed coaster sets and make jewelry using the flat side of the oyster. Conveniently , my husband David is a local commercial fisherman . He has been able to acquire many of the shells for me. I also have some local connections to restaurants who provide me with empty shells. And of course many friends who have graciously provided me them as well. They make a wonderful gift ! Great for Bridal parties, showers , birthdays, Mother’s & Father’s Day , Christmas or just to have a treasured keepsake from the Cape. I look forward to sharing my art with you.