Michael Palmer

Artist Bio

I am a scientist, writer, and artist specializing in fish art. Through my art, I connect with, translate, and share what I’m experiencing and discovering about life and place. I’ve been drawing and creating since I was a kid, though I’ve had little formal art instruction beyond high school. Instead, I chose a different career path. In a former life, I was a fisheries scientist for the federal government. Having spent over 200 days at sea on fishing boats and research vessels from Alaska to the Canadian Maritimes, I’ve been able to touch, observe, and study fish and other sea life first hand. These experiences and visuals continue to impact my art and how I approach each subject. My artistic style combines both my scientific and creative sides and can best be described as ‘stylized realism’ - a balance of scientific accuracy and aesthetic form. My approach has been greatly influenced by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi - I embrace the simple, beautiful, utilitarian, poorly defined, multipurpose, imperfect, and ever-evolving. Working in a variety of mediums, but specializing in colored pencil, I strive to bring to life local Cape Cod wildlife and imagery.

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