Mara Araujo

My name is Mara Araujo, and I am a creative producer with a passion for visual design and multimedia storytelling. I was born in a small town in Brazil where I had the immense privilege of growing up surrounded by the most amazing dreamers, artists, and poets. It was there that I heard my first stories, drew my first drawings, and enjoyed the daily wonders of the natural world.

I was inspired early on to revel in curiosity and exploration. That’s why I love experimenting with all sorts of mediums. Whether it’s traditional painting, digital painting, photography, or video, I’m always dreaming up different possibilities and seeking new ways to bring my projects to life.

Though I’m drawn to portraits, I’m also inspired by nature and architecture—the grandeur and beauty of the urban and the suburban, the expected and the unexpected. I often find myself playing with contrasting elements: black and white versus color, minimalism versus maximalism, vintage versus modern. Much of this exploration originates not only in my journey navigating two cultures, but also in my fascination with time, particularly the past and present.

I guess you could say I’m a Brazilian country girl, sailing on a New England tide, exploring the borderlands of culture and time.

The title “Your Memory is Made of Light” is taken from a line in Pablo Neruda’s poem “I Remember You as You Were.”
It is a reflection of how all of the images in the exhibit contain an element of nostalgia or an exploration of what makes a moment a cherished memory. Neruda is also a reflection of my love for the classics.