Kim Moberg

Award winning singer/songwriter/guitarist Kim Moberg was born in Juneau, Alaska, the daughter of a classical pianist mother of Alaskan Native Tlingit (People of the Tides) descent and a US Coast Guard veteran father from Kansas. Her Tlingit name is Ḵ'ashg̱é (Still and Shines) and she of the Raven (Yéil) moiety, Sea Pigeon (T'akdeintaan) clan.

Music was the constant in Kim's childhood, helping her to adjust to the frequent moves associated with growing up in a military family. From the sounds of Beethoven to Johnny Cash, Dave Brubeck to Hank Williams, and Bob Evans to David Bowie, the love of all genres of music has been ingrained in her soul.
At the age of 14, Kim began playing acoustic guitar on a borrowed nylon 6 string, earning lessons by typing lyric and chord sheets for students who were taking guitar lessons from her mother. A few years later, she purchased a Gibson Epiphone guitar and taught herself to strum and finger pick to her favorite music from the '70's -- James Taylor, Jackson Browne, The Beatles, -- but debilitating stage fright kept her from pursuing her dream of becoming a professional performer. In 2014, after a hiatus from music to focus on a business career, marry and raise two daughters, Kim set out to overcome her stage fright and wrote her first song. Kim is now a professional singer/songwriter who performs both as a solo artist and in collaboration with other musicians.

Kim draws inspiration from both traditional and contemporary musical forms of Americana, Folk, and Country genres. A self taught finger pick style acoustic guitarist, Kim's passionate and heartfelt vocals mesmerize listeners while her compositions tug at feelings of melancholy, heartbreak and healing and speak to reunion, awakening and social consciousness.

Kim's debut CD entitled "Above Ground”, celebrates the achievement of her goal to bring her music out of the basement. Produced by Grammy nominated producer Jon Evans, "Above Ground" was released worldwide in September 2017 to much acclaim in the Folk world with 2 songs charting on the International Folk DJ chart.

Her single “In December” was released on the Hudson Harding Music compilation record “The Longest Night of the Year” and charted at #12 on the International Folk DJ charts.

Kim teamed again with Jon Evans to record her sophomore CD “Up Around The Bend” which was released world-wide in December 2020 and has received worldwide airplay and critical acclaim.