Kaya Worthington

Kaya Alexandria Worthington specializes in creating jewelry using genuine and historical sea glass.

“I love working with the natural shapes and textures created by what was once tossed out, and returned to the shore by the ocean after decades of gently tumbling across the ocean floor. I have been self-taught by trial and error. Twelve years ago designing jewelry gave me the creative challenge I was looking for. Most of my creations are inspired by the beauty around me and then quickly transferred through my hands, typically with no rough draft before it’s created. I am happy to have finally found what I love doing every day!”

Kaya goes on to say that she has a connection with every creation. It brings her great joy inside and out when someone says that a piece of her hand made jewelry has spoken to them in such a way that they wear it all the time, to feel a connection to either the sea or whatever they were feeling at the time.