John French

Originally from New Jersey and living on Cape Cod for the past 35 years, John is a recently retired English Professor from Cape Cod Community College and an Ecumenical Catholic Priest.  He is also a Barnstable County Extension Master Gardener and loves biking, kayaking and his two spaniels, Katie and Tess.

His interest in stained glass began while he was a young Benedictine Monk.  He learned the techniques and design from other monks and has been making stained glass ever since. His pieces include but are not limited to abstract, religious, floral and nautical and rainbows.

Since his retirement in May of 2020 he has devoted much of his time to his glass. He believes that looking out a window through a piece of colored glass allows us to see the world in a new way. The phrase, “looking at the world through rose colored glasses” is not all that far from the truth!”