Jodi French

I am a coastal oil painter best known for my salt marshes and abstract seascapes. My work is abstract realism.

Inspired by the ocean, sea grasses and the sky. Watching the way in which they move, and the ever-changing colors and reflections informs the work. Most of my paintings are created plein air or from photographs that I have taken. I use the photos to study the way light hits the water, the vibrant colors of the marsh grasses, and the many different colors in any given cloud.

What I love most about painting with oils is the long dry time and unparalleled bendability, especially with respect to the movement of water, grasses, and sky …alla prima!
When I’m not in the studio, I am busy exploring the dunes and waterways of Cape Cod with my Jeep, paddle board and two rescue dogs, Brody, and Annie.