Jessie Nickerson

Jessie works with watercolor, acrylic, and ink to create surreal imagery inspired by fairy tales, vintage photos, and the sea. In her shanty you will find original acrylic and watercolor paintings on canvas and panel, as well as archival giclee prints of original illustrations. Tote bags feature original designs of mermaids, abstract paintings and expressionist paintings of the sea.

Jessie received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and went on to Parsons School of Design to earn an MFA, with a concentration in painting. She loved the excitement of living in New York, but craved the peace and beauty of the Cape, and moved back after graduation. During this time, she slowly moved away from oil painting to watercolor. She enjoys the intimacy and immediacy of the medium, and creates the transparent layers in a matter of minutes, rather than days as required with oil paint.

ARTIST STATEMENT: "Growing up on the Cape, I spent my childhood immersed in the natural beauty of my surroundings. During the summers I lived at the beach, which was a 10-minute walk from my house. Spring and Fall you could find me tromping through the woodland trails nearby. I have always found that nature has a dualistic effect on me, simultaneously taking me outside of myself, while giving me space for internal contemplation. As a kid, I loved to imagine that the woods were populated by fairies and elves, just out of sight. My creative inspiration comes from this tenuous relationship between what is seen and what is in the realm of the imagination."