Jayne Lemon

My concept for my rugs is to reuse materials, clothes, lines, curtains, tablecloths, towels, etc. Keeping all I can out of landfills, by using materials to the full extent for extended use and repurposing.

I collect materials from friends, family, Facebook friends and groups, swap shops, and thrift stores.

I wash everything at the laundromat, sort into colors, and then cut (filet) into 2″-3″ strips, keeping scraps for filling and other uses.

I donate zippers, buttons, and plastic collar corners to create clothes. Jean pockets to create purses. Ribbon and lace to create dream catchers. Odd pieces and old ruined towels and other things I cannot use are donated to appropriate groups who can make use of them.

Each Rug is Special

I choose materials that compliment one another. I have a vision, and I even amaze myself at the finished product. Natural imperfections add personality and make each rug unique.

Natural Wear is Expected

Raw and frayed edged edges are intentional and add to the natural handmade look. The quality of the rug is very durable.

Keeping Clean

Shake or vacuum gently. Spot clean when necessary. Not recommended for eating ares or as a doormat. Made in a clean, smoke free environment.

I use many custom pieces for commissioned rugs. Incorporating old materials with sentimental value or other significance into something new.

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