Gillian Eaton

Gillian Inspired is a lifestyle brand featuring unique beautiful jewelry for the soul. All jewelry is designed and hand crafted in our Cape Cod studio. Wear our jewelry to express who you are, what is important to you, and to feel empowered, inspired and beautiful. We make pieces that are influenced by yoga and nature. We are inspired by sacred geometry, universal symbols and shapes found all around us, and the earth’s gemstones which evoke healing properties.

Gillian Inspired- A form of self expression. An outward expression of an inward connection. A visual reminder of your true essence, inner self, and life story.

Our customers love our jewelry for many reasons. Some are attracted to the jewelry for its quality and price point. Some love the unique designs and can feel the energies of the stones. We often hear, “I have never seen jewelry like this before!” and “I love that you offer quality jewelry with healing energies.” Above all, when we meet clients face to face, they tell us that they like to admire and wear the jewelry, and appreciate that we encourage mind, body and spirit health.