Donald Gauland

Cape Cod has been my home since 2004 living in Yarmouth Port with my wife, Janet, and rescue dog, Alto.  Originally from Islip, N.Y., I lived in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. for 38 years working as a systems analyst. 

 I am a self-taught artist and a passionate student of Eastern philosophy, who works principally in colored inks on mulberry paper and recently in acrylic on canvas.  I paint with chi (energy), jing (essence) and shen (spirit) to create abstract images of growth, stability, and balance.  Each original painting is signed and dated with the Chinese year and stamped with my artistic seal. 

 Music inspires me, too; I play alto sax and percussion in the Cape Cod Concert Band, the Cape Community Orchestra, and the Barnstable Town Band.  I also enjoy improvisatory Irish sessions, playing bodhran and rhythm bones.

 I would like to give a nod to my wife, Janet, who is a jewelry designer -  Her designs and my work complement each other.  She is also a percussionist.