Dawn Rosell

Dawn Rosell is a born and raised Cape Codder/Artist who was inspired in art from a wonderfully creative mom and has been surrounded always by creatives in her life through family and friends. She is a self taught artist in jewelry wire wrap and sheet metal forging using unique gemstones, sea shells, pearls and high quality metals. 

Her mission is to bring her customers interesting hand crafted jewelry that lets your personality come through, because you are unique, one of a kind, just like the gemstones she uses in her work.  The connection with you, whether it be spiritually or intellectually is very important to her, because it is why she began making jewelry. She couldn't find pieces that let her shine through. Everything was mass produced and oh so bland. She never wants her jewelry to feel this way. She wants every piece to be a statement about you and make you feel special and confident. 

She brings to the jewelry and artisan market, pieces of hand crafted jewelry that are environmentally conscious and help to support other United States artisans. She purchases many of her stones from United States lapidary artists and she has a line of sheet metal pieces made from recycled copper that is sourced locally. She uses Argentium silver which is created from recycled sterling silver, but is more pure and more tarnish resistant. 

You can feel confident that your purchase helps support her, the environment and other artisans right here in the United States.