Cynthia Klopfer

Cynthia Klopfer has been an avid sewer for over 50 years. Since she was a young child, and according to her mother and teacher, Cynthia “took to sewing like a duck to water”. She found sewing to be a most rewarding hobby and an outlet for her creative side. This was the beginning of a lifelong love of sewing. Cynthia found an appreciation for the exquisite artwork in fabric, a talent for color coordination, and a natural ability to design beautiful and useful creations from fabric.

“While raising a family, I found myself sewing for my family, as well as providing garment alterations for others. This provided an outlet for my creativity, while also allowing me to add to the family's income. As the children grew, I started a quilting and craft business, Kwilts and Krafts. Through this endeavor I was able to grow my talents and business, while also allowing me the ability to work from home and still care for my youngest son with developmental disabilities. While creating unique home, personal, and pet related fabric items, I found myself participating in close to 40 Arts and Crafts shows throughout the year. In the fall of 2008, I opened a small quilting, fabric and craft shop in Mashpee. Beginner sewing classes, as well as more advanced quilting classes were frequent events at the shop. Unfortunately, due to the economic downturn, the shop was only open a short 18 months. This did not stop me from continuing to sew. I was thrilled to be accepted as a full time exhibitor at the Arts Barnstable Shanties in 2010 and 2011. In 2011, I needed to increase my income and began working for a well known local agency which provides services for adults with developmental disabilities. As promotions came and the demands of my new positions grew, my sewing was limited to offering a few items for sale at the agency consignment and farm stores.

With retirement just around the corner, it is time to get back to my creative roots and launch Seaside Sewing & Crafts by Cynthia. I am once again thrilled to be participating in the Arts Barnstable Shanty program and look forward to meeting people visiting beautiful Cape Cod.”

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