Brenna Johnson

Brenna Johnson is an artist and art educator that has been making art for over 15 years and has been living on Cape Cod since the 1980s. 

She first fell in love with printmaking in college and sculpture in graduate school, but in the last 10 years, she’s been teaching ceramics at Franklin High School. This unexpected career change has greatly informed her artwork and now clay and glaze dominate her creative process in the studio. 

Currently, Johnson is making both decorative and functional clay objects using all different types of clays and glazes. One body of work, the White Collection, consists of vases, mugs, candleholders, flowerpots and ornaments that showcase a clean modern design. Each object is finished with accents of pure gold in what’s called a third fire. 

The second body work, The Raku Collection that's made during the warmer months on the Cape, is an exploration of heat, smoke and fire applying the American style of raku. This collection consists of vases, candleholders, bowls, and candle sticks that have been both raku and horsehair fired and several of these pieces have been finished with gold leaf.

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