Beverley Roberts

Beverley Roberts has been working with fabrics for over 30 years, creating much sought after pieces, which incorporate her flair for design, and her photographer’s eye for perspective.

Beverley weaves together her vibrant sense of color and textures with imaginative designs. She prefers to work with natural fibers and pigments. She garners her inspiration from the beautiful vistas of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where she makes her home.

I developed a love for art at a very young age, surrounded by the flora, fauna, colorful birds and butterflies of the tropics and the ever-changing shades of blue of the Caribbean Sea. My life in the Big Apple added an appreciation for bold structure, architecture, and clean flowing lines. Even more, the stark textures of Cape Cod were layered onto my already burgeoning palette.

My studies in fine arts and fashion design have caused me to be resolute in my decision to create wearable pieces of art. I love working from my home, where I’m surrounded by shades of green accompanied by a chorus of resident and migrant birds. But creating is only half of my story, sharing the joy and expression art brings me with the many people I encounter and especially with those who take a piece away with them brings me the most fulfillment.