Andrew Newman

Artist Andy Newman standing in front of his Art on Loan display

The work of Andrew Newman adorns the walls in the James H. Crocker Hearing Room and Selectmen’s Conference Room in Barnstable Town Hall,  through October 30, 2020.

Recently, Andrew discussed his work and the exhibit with the Town of Barnstable Channel 18 team. Watch the video.

Artist Statement

“Artists and designers draw from their life and where they live. They see details, minutiae, shapes, and colors that most people don’t. To be an artist living on Cape Cod is to be inspired everyday.”

Artist Bio

He could easily be known as the “Cod Father” for his elevation of the ubiquitous and historically maligned codfish to an unimagined artistic level. Andrew began his career In New York City as a graphic designer, working primarily in the publishing industry. His covers have an international recognition for designs he has done for bestselling authors including Danielle Steel, Elmore Leonard, and John Gray. When Andrew moved to Cape Cod, he continued designing book jackets as well as branding, corporate and personal logo and web design. In December 2007 the cod concept was born as he began his foray into cod designs with his first, “The Christmas Cod.”  His “cods” are visible throughout the Cape and have been sold throughout the world as cards, prints, posters, apparel and signage.  The Marstons Mills Public Library’s sign is the “Library Cod”.  His work is fun, whimsical and personal.

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