Apply to the Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanties: Rolling admission

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Artists applying must be a Cape Cod resident spending at least six months a year with the Cape as their primary residence.
Work must be original handmade, hand-crafted or hand-designed.

Multiple artists may share a shanty but they all must separately apply and be accepted.
Artists sharing the shanties shall coordinate payments and submit ONE check as deposit and ONE as balance due.


Each year, applications are accepted on a rolling basis. The first review date to jury and fill spots is November 1 of each year.
Following this date, applications CONTINUE TO BE ACCEPTED ON A ROLLING BASIS until all spots are filled.

Applicants who submit by the first review date and are accepted get placed for program dates.
This is the advantage of applying by November 1.  Artists who submit by this date will be notified no later than December 31st of each year.

PLEASE NOTE:   there is a rolling application/jury process for any remaining openings and artists are encouraged to always submit an application to be considered for the current season as most often not all spots are filled during the first review.

Artists will always receive confirmation their application has been received and should expect to be notified of either an in person jury date or a decision within 8 weeks of submitting an application.


Each year is a new year; prior participation does not mean automatic acceptance into the program. Amount of time allotted for each artist varies from year to year.

Each artist’s application is juried/reviewed and evaluated by committee in order to ensure the quality and variety of work offered.. In some cases, artists are asked to come in person to present their work to the review committee. Once accepted into the program, any items not approved during the jury process must be approved by the Town of Barnstable's Arts and Culture Coordinator prior to selling in the shanty. Artists must complete an application and be juried/accepted into the program on a yearly basis.


    • No refunds
    • 50% or full amount of rental fee PLUS separate security deposit check due with the signed license agreement by the first Friday in February of each program year; Balance due by the first Friday in March.
    •  Artists accepted into the program after first Friday in February will send in full payment within one week of their acceptance date


May Weekend: 5/20-5/22, 5/27-5/30 $100 $65
June Weekend: 6/3-6/5, 6/10-6/12, 6/17-6/19 $100 $65
June Full Weeks begin as of Monday, June 20 $250 $125
July & August Full Weeks $250 $125
September Full Weeks Sept 5 $200 $125
October Weekend $100 $65
November Weekend $100 per shanty 2 artists/shanty; $50/artist $100 per shanty 2 artists/shanty; $50/artist
December Weekend $100 per shanty 2 artists/shanty; $50/artist $100 per shanty 2 artists/shanty; $50/artist
NOTE: Aug 29 to Sept 4 week pays August rates only closing time changes as of this week
MARKETING FEE: Artists will pay a $20.00 fee PER rental week/weekend. This additional amount will be due with you license agreement payments.


$20.00 marketing fee to be paid by every artist for EACH rented weekend or week they are participating in during the season.
This includes artists sharing space, each will be responsible for paying the marketing fee.
Marketing fee due with the signed contract and is non-refundable. 


$50.00 (refundable) security deposit check due with the signed contract. This is in addition to your rental fee check. This deposit check will be voided at the end of the season if shanty is left 'nail-free' and clean and keys and parking passes are returned.


All artists are required to carry commercial general liability insurance. You must submit a Certificate of Insurance naming Town of Barnstable as an additional insured due with your signed contract. There are many reasonably priced options for artists participating in venues such as the shanties and other festivals and fairs as stand-alone short-term policy, or as a rider on your homeowners or business owners insurance.


As of June 27, 2022, closing hours, until at least 8:00 pm
As of August 29, 2022, closing hours until at least 6:00pm

2022 Season
May & June Weekends: Fri - Sun 5/20 to 6/19 Fri-Sun; 11:00am-6:00pm
June Full Week begins Monday, June 20 Mon-Sun; 11:00am-6:00pm
July Full Week Mon-Sun; 11:00am-8:00pm
August Full week Mon - Sun; 11:00am -8:00pm
September Full Week begins Monday, Sept 5 Mon-Sun; 11:00am-6:00pm
October Weekends Fri-Sun; 11:00am-4:00pm
Black Friday/Shop Local Saturday at Harbor Overlook Fri & Sat 11:00am -3:00pm
NOTE! 8:00pm close begins the week of June 27 AND returns to 6:00pm close week of Aug. 29


Town of Barnstable's Arts and Culture Coordinator will send information to participating artists on everything needed for a successful shanty stay from how to unlock the shanty doors to shanty sales and marketing advice.

Every accepted artist is emailed information before the season starts.  There is a pre-season artist  meeting in the spring to answer any further questions and visit the shanties to take pictures and measurements.