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Nature Photography at Sandy Neck Beach with Dave Mullen

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June 29
9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Sandy Neck Beach
425 Sandy Neck Rd.
West Barnstable, Ma.
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Nature Photography at Sandy Neck Beach with Dave Mullen

Sandy Neck Beach, Cape Cod, at the Halfpoint House.  

Price: Member $215 – Non-Member $265
Where: Sandy Neck Beach, West Barnstable
When: Saturday, June 29, 2024
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, (6-hour outdoor workshop in the dunes)

A unique geological feature on Cape Cod Bay, Sandy Neck offers intrepid photographers a rich smorgasbord of photographic opportunities. I invite you to join me as we travel off-road along the Marsh Trail to the Sandy Neck Halfway House, a rare treat! We’ll travel in a Park Ranger vehicle for the drive halfway out Sandy Neck. We will not be travelling all the way to the lighthouse (another 6 miles!). After a 30-minute drive the Park Ranger will open the Halfway House for us to store our snacks, extra water, lunch, and any equipment you don’t want to carry. 

Bring lots of water and always carry a bottle with you!

The Sandy Neck landscape is quintessential wild Cape Cod.  From the Marsh Trail you’ll find the marsh to the south and Cape Cod Bay (for those interested) a vigorous hilly hike north. We’ll explore and photograph all three ecosystems: the dunes, the bay, and the marsh. In the dunes, scrub pines, dead trees, and stumps will give you raw material for black and white images. Marsh grasses and beach offer textures and patterns. Along the beach we’ll find shore birds, shells, and the odd flotsam and jetsam that washes ashore. We’ll likely see several varieties of migratory birds: warblers, song birds, and woodpeckers. Swallows will have found homes in the nesting boxes on the marsh while Osprey will be raising their young on the nesting platform in front of the Halfway House. We’ll have the opportunity to attempt capturing birds in flight, and with a Neutral Density filter we can play with long exposures, panning, and in-camera motion. 

Bring lots of water and always carry a bottle with you!

Staying in groups of at least two, we can explore to find what you’re interested in photographing. I’ll be circulating and available for any questions, help, or to take your picture! We’ll work on ideas and techniques together and individually, before we begin and again at a lunch break. For those interested in participating we’ll publish a magazine of best images from the day for the Cape Cod Art Center archives (and you’ll be able to order your own copy if you’d like).

Did I mention to bring lots of water and always carry a bottle with you?
Also a hat, sunscreen, and tick spray. There is little shade! 

From Route 6A take Sandy Neck Road to the Gate House where we’ll park.
Please bring your own lunch, snacks, and WATER!
We will be out on the dunes for about 4-5 hours so plan accordingly.
There will be little shade, so a hat, sunscreen, tick spray, and perhaps long sleeved shirt and long pants for sun and tick protection. Also footwear suitable for walking up and down sand dunes.
Bring lots of water and always carry a bottle with you!
Useful: a long lens for bird photography, a wide angle lens for landscape photography, a macro lens for closeups, a neutral density filter for long exposures and in-camera motion, a tripod for long exposures.
This outing will be taking place on Saturday June 29th, from 9:00am – 3:00pm
Included in the cost is the open-air ride with the Ranger down to the Halfway House.

Note that this will be a physically strenuous day, walking through soft sand up and down dunes in hot weather. Participants should be in reasonably good physical shape and bring plenty of extra water to avoid dehydration and illness.

BIO:  An educator for over 40 years in the Washington DC area, I now live in Yarmouth and teach at the Cape Cod Art Center, Johns Hopkins University, the Academy for Lifelong Learning, and the Non-Anxious Leader Network.  I began teaching photography back in the darkroom days, transitioning to digital as the years went by. At CCAC I’ve taught Photoshop, Studio Lighting, Portraiture, Still Life, Sports, and Street Photography. Upcoming classes and free photowalks can be found at my Cape Cod Photography Meetup Group.


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