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Dance Vibrations: Julian Loida ft. & Turning Pointe Dance Studio

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March 22, 2024
Falmouth Academy Simon Center

“You must see the music” is a philosophy that Turning Pointe founder Laura Sciortino and myself both deeply share. For me, it’s inspiring to see my music fuel movement and become a kinetic visual art. After a collaboration at the Wellfleet Preservation Hall and in-studio workshop, we invited parents to watch the end of the experimental session and several of them were brought to tears. Encouraging young dancers to think out of the box and move with abandonment is not always the easiest thing, but when you can get dancers to break through those insecure layers that is often when the most magical things happen. So we are finally making this happen!

Through musical sensitivity, improvisation, collaboration and imaginative thinking, this one-time performance is NOT to be missed. Taking place at Falmouth Academy’s Simon Center will be the perfect intimate setting where the audience, dancers and music can connect while being large enough to host 20 dancers.

Turning Pointe will participate in 4 portions of the concert. Most of our work will be improvisation where the dancers have been given some guidance but have the opportunity to move freely. Laura will be choreographing a short piece while I play a composition by one of our favorite composers, Erik Satie. The concert will feature a piece choreographed by Isabelle Edgar, a Turning Pointe graduate. The vibraphone will be featured in this concert, an instrument most are unfamiliar with — being a huge, remarkable musical table that’s brilliant sounding and entrancing.”

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