Gina Kovach

Brewster resident Gina Kovach  prides herself in creating uniquely designed, quality jewelry made of natural pearls and stones at affordable prices.


     Having grown up in New England I enjoyed many summers with my family wading through the cold and frigid waters of the rocky Maine coastline searching for the wonderful treasures the tides left behind. As an adult with children of my own, we continue to enjoy the fascinating coast of Maine and the warmer, softer beaches of Cape Cod and share in the joy of finding the perfect rocks, shells, and other gems while listening to the music of the oceans. The past several years we have been blessed with the opportunity to live in Asia and discover the many countries, rich cultures, charismatic people, and simple handicrafts found in various markets. I became intrigued by the many natural gems, stones, and pearls found in the colorful marketplaces and started creating some simple jewelry pieces to bring back to family and friends. We have now returned home but my journey continues as I search and collect the perfect simple materials for my pieces.  I hope you enjoy these wonderful treasures!

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