Annie Winslow

I am a gardener. Most of the year I spend my days with my head in the flowers, tending vegetable gardens and listening to the bees and birds around me singing and buzzing around busily. My art & jewelry are another way to create things reflecting my love of nature. A roving giant pile of mussel shells and a years long fascination with the arrival and disappearance of specific types of rocks along various beaches led me to start making things out of what I collected. Mussel shells, wild oyster shells and perfect gray rocks made into earrings, pins and even some bolo ties (for the saltwater cowboys!) All summer my camera roll overflows with abstract and macro photos of plants, fungi, mosses and insects from the way I see them - up close and personal! I have printed my favorites on canvas, greeting cards, throw pillows and some garden journals. I also have a selection of hand drawn and painted cards and bookmarks that I work on between garden plans. Each is one of a kind and inspired by the plants and ideas that grow in my brain. Looking forward to meeting you all!