Apply to the Snack Shack at the Harbor Overlook : Rolling admission

For more information about the artist shanty program and to see a gallery of images from past shanty seasons visit:


This program provides a low-cost, low-risk, well-equipped, pop-up location in a downtown setting and small business support to local entrepreneurs who are looking for a taste of what it’s like to run a shop in a permanent location without the risk of incurring start-up costs for expensive food service equipment.


The Town of Barnstable is currently accepting applications for food vendors and culinary entrepreneurs interested in participating in a new pilot program, The Snack Shack at the Harbor Overlook, late June through October, 2022.

Vendor Applications are received on a rolling basis until all spots are filled.  

Vendors will always receive confirmation that their applications have been received and should expect to be notified of acceptance into the program within 2 weeks of submitting an application.


Each year is a new year; prior participation does not mean automatic acceptance into the program.
Amount of time allotted for each vendor varies from year to year.

Each vendor's application is reviewed and evaluated by committee in order to ensure all Board of Health requirements are met.


Gloria McPherson, Planning & Economic Development Coordinator |


June $100
July & August $100
September $100
October Weekend $75
Black Friday /Shop Local Saturday - November $100
Gingerbread Lane holiday stroll event - December $100



June 23 - August 30, Thursday through Tuesday 11:30am-7:30pm
Sept 1 - Sept 27 , Thursday - Sunday 11:00am -3:00pm
October weekends, Fri - Sun 11:00am - 3:00pm
Black Friday/Shop Local Saturday - November 11:00am -3:00pm
Gingerbread Lane holiday stroll event - December 11:00am - 4:00pm
NOTE! Snack Shack vendors are welcome to open early or stay late!

SNACK SHACK at the Harbor Overlook: Servin' up the details!

The Harbor Overlook, along the Walkway-to-the-Sea, is situated at the corner of South and Ocean Street.  This space provides a picturesque setting for visitors to stroll to and from Main Street and the harborfront, where visitors  can meet local artists, listen to music, play games, catch their breath, take in the sights and sounds, and picnic in the park.  

The Snack Shack at the Harbor Overlook is an additional attraction to draw visitors from Main Street and the Harbor; provides affordable incubator space for local businesses; provides prime visibility and opportunities for entrepreneurs to gain and improve business, marketing and selling skills, connect with other creatives, and meet thousands of visitors from around the region and the world. 

This colorful and comfortable space was created to be a vibrant community gathering place and incubator for pop up businesses for creatives in all disciplines. Those in the artist shanties and vendors at the Snack Shack are offered a low risk, low cost opportunity in a popular setting to ‘test drive’ their products and services in a prime, highly visible, and heavily trafficked area, and to be immersed in and a part of the sights and sounds of Downtown Hyannis and the Harborfront. 

The Harbor Overlook has outdoor seating with park benches, Adirondack chairs, picnic tables, shade umbrellas,  a free mini library and, weather permitting, lawn games. 

What is the physical address of the Harbor Overlook?

The Harbor Overlook is 51 Ocean Street, Hyannis, MA  02601
It is the area along the Walkway-to-the-Sea at the base of Hyannis Village Green, at the corner of Ocean & South Streets, across from Aselton Park. 

What are the benefits for my business to “pop up” at The Snack Shack at the Harbor Overlook?

The Snack Shack is intended to stimulate economic activity, attract new food entrepreneurs and  business owners, and increase foot traffic downtown to help support existing and future  business. The Snack Shack is an 8 X 10 shed that offers vendors a ‘taste’ of operating their business in a downtown location.  It is a low-risk way to test their business plan, reach new audiences, and determine if Downtown Hyannis is a good fit.



Vendors must have all proper food service certificates as required by Board of Health to participate.
Vendors must have business insurance.

Multiple vendors may share the space, but each must separately apply and be accepted.


  • Temporary food permit APPLICATION.
  • Serve Safe Certificate
  • Allergens
  • Menu

Complete the BOH temporary food permit  application and upload the PDF to the Snack Shack Vendor application form.  Vendors will provide payment for the BOH temporary food permit within the Snack Shack Vendor application.  BOH Temporary Health Permit fee = $50.00.

If you are serving only:
• Pre-made, pre-packaged food (including heating up in the packaging)
• Exempt farm products
Your application will be able to be processed and approved within 2 weeks

If you are:
• Preparing food at the Snack Shack
• Assembling food at the Snack Shack
• Serving food that is not pre-packaged
• Serving food that is out of its packaging
You will have to go before the Board of Health, which will add up to a month to your application processing and approval time

The Vendor may only display and sell food as approved during the licensing process.
The sale of non-approved items is expressly prohibited. 


Costs to rent the Snack Shack include:

1. Board of Health Temporary Food permit fees:
$50.00 with application.  All Vendors are required to apply for a Temporary Food permit and will need to upload the application confirmation from BOH to the Snack Shack application portal.

2. $100.00 weekly rental fee and $75.00 October weekend rental fee

3. There is no application fee for 2022.


$100.00 (refundable) security deposit check due with the signed license agreement. This is in addition to your rental fee check.
This security deposit check will be voided at the end of the season if SNACK SHACK is left 'damage free' and clean.

A refundable deposit of $100 will be required to be submitted with signed license agreement as an additonal check to secure rental of the Snack Shack at the Harbor Overlook. 

Security Deposit will be cashed ONLY if Snack Shack significant cleaning is required, trash is left, walls damaged, or in any other way not returned to original condition on first morning of rental period.  Vendor WILL be notified prior to check being cashed.  

This check MUST be separate from License fee payment. 

This check will be held at Town of Barnstable|Planning & Development office in locked safe until the end of the season and then voided or returned to vendor upon request.

Only ONE security deposit check per Vendor is required for the season regardless of how many rental weeks are scheduled.


Check payable to:  Town of Barnstable
Memo: Vendor name_Shack Shack Security Deposit



All vendors are required to carry commercial general liability insurance. You must submit a Certificate of Insurance naming Town of Barnstable as an additional insured due with your signed contract. There are many reasonably priced options for vendors participating in venues such as this program and other festivals and fairs as stand-alone short-term policy, or as a rider on your homeowners or business owners insurance.


The Snack Shack is an 8 X 10 shed, complete with a side dutch door, front service window and it is 'powered up' with plenty of outlets.
The shed is empty with the exception of the following equipment:
27" Merchandising refrigerator
27" Merchandising freezer
Portable sink : compact, with 3 bays intended for utensils, cups, small items and 1 bay for handwashing
Sandwich/salad prep counter with refrigerator below
6’ stainless steel counter with open shelving below

The shed also is fitted with a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit and wet/dry mop, broom and dustpan.

There is room for a 24 X 24 storage rack or other items you would like to have with you for the week.
Vendors will carry in and carry out all serving items, utensils, small appliances, paper products, paper towels and preferred cleaning items.

It is up to each vendor how they would like to supply the Snack Shack for the week.

The Snack Shack provides a portable handwashing sink and 3-bay sink.
Sink capacity: 5 gallon freshwater and 7 gallon wastewater. 
Vendors must  bring your own fresh water, and dispose of your wastewater in an approved location, daily. 
There is no water available and no dumping allowed on site.


The 2022 program dates are scheduled as follows:


6/23- 6/28

6/30 - 7/5

7/7 -7/12

7/14 - 7/19


7/28 - 8/2

8/4 - 8/9

8/11 - 8/16

8/18- 8/23

8/25- 8/30

9/1 -9/6

9/8 -9/`3

9/15 -9/20

9/22 -9/27


9/30 -10/2

10/7 -10/9

10/14 -1/16

10/21 -10/23

11/25 & 11/26


Vendor is required to open on time and remain open during designated licensed hours.
Weekly 'Snack Shack' hours are listed on the website and @artsbarnstable social media.
Current hours are scheduled for:
11:30am - 7:30pm June - August
11:00am - 3:00pm September weeks and October and special event weekends.

The 'Snack Shack' will close during severe, inclement weather.
Failure to be open to the public during program hours could result in cancellation and rescission of this license.

Vendors may open as early as 6:30am and stay open as late as 8:30pm.

Yes! The Harbor Overlook is a key connector  along the Walkway-to-the-Sea and a place residents can stroll through  year-round. When the Snack Shack is closed, its exterior features a ‘Smile Spot’ for selfies, as well as directional maps.  Another program, the Hyannis HyArts Artist Shanties, features local artists in shanties at the Harbor Overlook May through October.  The area itself is a scenic resting spot, complete with Adirondack chairs, picnic tables, and shade umbrellas.  

Public ‘comfort stations’ are located at the edge of the public parking lot, next to the Hyannis Village Green, a short walk from the Harbor Overlook.
There are also public bathrooms at Bismore Park, near the Dockmaster's Office.

No refunds. In the event of an emergency/medical situation contact the Snack Shack Program Manager to discuss.

In the event Town of Barnstable or Massachusetts State guidelines require
businesses to close to the public for an extended period of time due to unforeseen
circumstances/situations beyond anyone’s control, renters with programs taking place during those mandated closed dates will receive a rent refund less processing fee.

It is up to each Vendor to actively promote and advertise through their own marketing methods.

The Town of Barnstable does not guarantee attendance or media coverage of this program.

With this, the Town of Barnstable to a minimal extent promotes this program.

The Town of Barnstable will promote for visitors to stop by The Snack Shack on Arts Barnstable social media pages.
If you tag @ArtsBarnstable, your information will be re-shared on these platforms during your rental.

The Town of Barnstable also sends out press release information about this program and participating vendors to media outlets.


The Vendor is responsible for cleaning and removing trash during and at the end of their rental.

All trash must be taken with you, there are no dumpsters on the property.

There are trash cans for visitor use, emptied daily by Town of Barnstable custodial staff.

There is convenient street parking on Ocean Street (pay to park) just prior to the Harbor Overlook AND free parking at the Town Hall Public Parking lot, adjacent to the Harbor Overlook.  Both parking lots are within a five minute walk to the Harbor Overlook and one block from Hyannis Main Street.

Special One Day licenses are issued by the Licensing Authority at a regularly scheduled meeting and must be applied for at least 30 days before the event. No event open to the general public may conduct any form of entertainment or serve alcoholic beverages without a valid license on the premise.  For more information on this process,


Once accepted into the program, the Program Manager will connect with participating vendors on everything needed for on-site details from how to unlock the doors, where to park, access to Snack Shack social media digital toolbox and more.

Every accepted vendor is emailed information before the season starts.  There are pre-season Snack Shack vendor virtual "office hours"  to answer any further questions and visit the Snack Shack to take pictures and measurements.


    • For the 2022 pilot program there is NO
      Snack Shack application fee.
    • Vendors must complete a Board of Health Temporary Food Permit Application to upload along with a $50.00 BOH permit fee.
    • If accepted into the program vendors will pay a $100.00 weekly/$75.00 weekend license rental fee for the Snack Shack
    • Vendors will provide a seperate $100 check, as a refundable security deposit.
    • License rental fee and security deposit are due once accepted into the program and must be included along with the signed license agreement.
    • NO refunds.
  • 2022 Pilot Program grant opportunity: Food vendors with three years or less experience are eligible to apply for a one-time grant to help defray costs associated with license fees, food costs, advertising, etc.  Awards may be made up to $800.00 per vendor.


There is always something taking place in Hyannis year round! You can learn more about Downtown Hyannis programs and events at and @artsbarnstable

Questions about the program or process?


Gloria McPherson, Planning & Economic Development Coordinator |


The Harbor Overlook is in the heart of the Hyannis HyArts Cultural District, located along the Walkway-to-the-Sea at the corner of South and Ocean Streets, in downtown Hyannis. It provides a picturesque setting for visitors to stroll to and from Main Street and the Harborfront. It is steps away from the island ferry terminals, Hyannis Main Street, the Village Green, Aselton & Bismore Parks. During the summer months, tens of thousands pass through downtown Hyannis and the Harborfront each week. The area features several artist shanties, picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, “old-school” games, and hosts live music & interactive programs each week.


This program is made possible in cooperation with the Town of Barnstable and MassDevelopment. The Town of Barnstable was awarded $45,000 from MassDevelopment’s TDI Challenge Grant Program for the purpose of encouraging local policy and process updates and the flexible use of outdoor space. The award has funded the creation of a new Snack Shack at the Harbor Overlook program for shared food vendor use, with new, built-in restaurant-grade equipment. The award will also subsidize some of the rental costs of the program during this pilot season, and provide direct grant funds to new food vendors to  promote food-based entrepreneurship.